Doing business within the maritime industry?

Learn below how PortJoin will help you grow and optimize your business.

The digital landscape is changing the maritime industry.

Working for almost three decades in the maritime industry (at sea and onshore), I experienced often recurring challenges. Information, communication, and workflow are key to optimize and prevent cost.

Information is our first focus area, as often not available and/or outdated. PortJoin will make it easy for buyers and suppliers to find and share information, up to date information is key.

We need all hands on deck for this journey and the first step is to ensure that information is correct and up-to-date. Are you signing on?

Robert Bal (Startup / Scale-up Coach)
PortJoin: Connecting the Maritime Industry
PortJoin is an online platform, made to connect buyers and suppliers within the global maritime industry. Our goal is to drive business growth, optimize procurement, improve customer experience and increase efficiency in communication and administrative tasks.
Customizable business listing

Customizable business listing

Make your company visible to the world with our free Basic listing. Tell your story, your knowledge, your crafts. Our smart search engine will include your company in highly relevant search results and will drive potential customers to your business.
Custom dashboard

Custom dashboard

Keep full control over your business listing through our intuitive dashboard. Monitor the amount of traffic your listing or offer receives, keep track of your incoming inquiries and keep your company’s listing up-to-date. Clearly, our dashboard is your key to success.
Customizable business listing

Multiple contact options

Your potential customer can choose multiple contact options. The many options will increase the possibility of contact.
To prevent unwanted communication (spam), users need to login to contact you.
Custom dashboard

Effortless incoming traffic

We generate relevant traffic to our website and your listing, with organic and paid search results on Google. While we take care of the traffic, you can focus on handling the inquiries and making deals.
Join Us
We want to invite you to join us and become part of our journey to connect the worldwide maritime industry. Having a Basic listing on the PortJoin platform is completely free of charge. Just set up your account and you are ready to drive new business opportunities to your company.

With a free Basic package you can:

-      Set up a listing with basic information about your business
-      Activate the possibility to send inquiries to your business
-      Have our support by email
-      Free logo included

What PortJoin can mean to your business

  • Increase online findability
  • Drive additional customers
  • Additional marketing channel
  • More relevant inquiries (less spam)
  • Your company’s info up-to-date with ease
  • More traffic to your website and socials

Your listing is ready!

We already set up a PortJoin Start listing for your company, which is currently listed on our platform and visible for interested buyers.

If you received an email with direct link, follow the link and use 'Claim Button'

Else, in order to take control of your business listing and be able to receive inquiries, please follow the below steps:

  1. Type your company name (or part) in the search field
  2. Click on your business listing
  3. Click on the button ‘Claim Business’ and sign up with your business details.

About PortJoin

PortJoin connects the maritime industry to drive business growth, optimize procurement, improve customer experience and increase efficiency.