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Industrial Park of Schisto, Box 3109 Block 14, Perama 18863, Attiki, Athens, Greece

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Cool Dynamic, one acclaimed Greek Technical Company framed in the blue of Greece, activates in the sector of refrigeration and air conditioning in the marine sector while having more than 20 years of experience. Providing services worldwide with two permanent stations of correspondence in the UAE and Nigeria, Cool Dynamic has focused in expanding with regular technicians in China, while also supporting a few of the largest Shipyards in the world. Cool Dynamic facilitates one of the largest stocks in Europe of refrigerant units, ex-stock compressors, brand new and re-manufactured and genuine spare parts in very competing prices. World's largest stock is readily available hosting brands such as Carrier, Daikin , Sabroe (York), Bitzer, Bock, Mycom, Mitsubishi etc. All re-manufacturing of refrigeration compressors are qualified on the highest quality and more than 1110 certified Freon retrofits from R22 to new ecological ones have been operated by our specialized Service Engineers. Providing after sales support from qualified personnel and worldwide service, Cool Dynamic is a leading force in manufacturing Marine Packaged A/C Units, Air Dryers, Marine Gas Oil Chillers etc.


Industrial Park of Schisto, Box 3109 Block 14, Perama 18863, Attiki, Athens, Greece

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Chief Operating Officer - Mechanical Engineer
George Gkouskos (+)

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