CP Metal Chemicals B.V.

Gerard Burgerlaan 33, Vlaardingen 3131KZ, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

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CP Metal Chemicals supplies high-quality marine chemicals used for the cleaning of chemical and product tankers and storage tanks. CP Metal Chemicals is an exclusive distributor for Henkel tank cleaning chemicals. 

Supplier of high-quality marine chemicals
Our tank cleaning products are of the highest quality and have a high concentration of active agents. This has the following advantages for our clients:

    • Less product required per cleaning session

    • Effective at lower temperatures

    • More efficient cleaning process

With our products, cleaning procedures take less time and objects can be cleaned at lower temperatures. This results in significantly reduced fuel consumption and a smaller environmental footprint. 

MARPOL/IMO approved
Our cleaning products are all MARPOL/IMO approved, in accordance with MEPC. 1/Circ. 590, and are included on the IMO List Annex10 MEPC.2. 

Tank cleaning products sold all over the world
CP Metal Chemicals has stock points at all the world's leading international sea ports. For example, you can source our products in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Houston, Singapore, Dubai, Durban, Montevideo and Buenos Aires. What's more: when you buy from CP Metal Chemicals, you know exactly what to expect. We guarantee that our products will have the exact same composition every time round - wherever in the world you buy them. This means that you are assured of the same high-quality product at all times, and are never faced with unwelcome surprises.




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Gerard Burgerlaan 33, Vlaardingen 3131KZ, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands