Waalwijk, Netherlands

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Smarter, more relevant to your customers and sell betterWe help you outperform your competitors & amaze your customers by providing the best marketing & customer understanding and building up your marketing & sales performance fast and effecti

60% of B2Bs are underperforming as a consequence of missing insights in customer needs. MARINELLITY improves customer insights by: listening to customers, 360 customer data analysis, formulating segmentation + buyer personas, touchpoint analysis and customer journey mappingCompanies that offer products and services that add value to their customers will grow business fast. We improve your value to your customers by doing customer's pains + gains analysis and uncovering your customer's operating profile + jobs-to-be-done analysis. We help you communicating your value to the market with strong value propositions, which we help you formulating.MARINELLITY increases your sales & marketing efficiency by:- defining marketing and customer strategies- monitoring customer feedback via voice-of-the-customer programs- innovation of your business model based on customer input- strengthening your business by market positioning- introduction to the market of your products and services with go-to-market plans

About PortJoin

PortJoin connects the maritime industry to drive business growth, optimize procurement, improve customer experience and increase efficiency.