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Mandenmakerstraat 24, Ridderkerk 2984 AS, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

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About Oversluizen

Oversluizen presents itself by developing and manufacturing cooling packages 1 to 1 with the commissioner. With that, optimal results can be achieved while still meeting the requirements.

Within the industry, reliability and visibility are important aspects. As part of a bigger picture, Oversluizen is very visible due to its own identity such as: its own machinery, own engineering and own drawing and design department. With this Oversluizen developed its own product, and is able to manufacture a reliable industrial cooler, which meets the strict requirements determined by, for instance, the off-shore companies.

Due to the changing European guidelines in the past couple of years, such as: Tier and the Euro standard, the requirements with regard to the emission of combustion engines have changed significantly. As a company, Oversluizen responded to this by entering the industrial development market in 1990, with strong an reliable radiators, aimed at durability, flexibility and reliability, which ensures the industrial standard.
Oversluizen combines radiators, air coolers and oil coolers with dry coolers (low-noise), plate coolers and Shell and tube coolers, possibly fitted with fans, which can be powered by all kinds of power sources. All of this is possible or desired within 1 cooling package.

Mandenmakerstraat 24, Ridderkerk 2984 AS, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

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