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SW Barney White Road 8800, Bremerton 98312, United States


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Proven performance in the toughest conditions.

Founded in 1996, SAFE Boats International was named for its pioneering, wrap-around collar design: Secure Around Flotation Equipped. A very apropos acronym to describe our boats. We design and build highly reliable and extremely durable vessels that help keep military, law enforcement and fire professionals safe as they perform their duties - protecting citizens and working to save lives. Innovation and collaboration have been an integral part of our success from the day we were founded. Our design and manufacturing process is cooperative and ongoing. Our goal is simple: meet our customers' operational requirements and exceed crew expectations. We are firm believers that mission-critical vessels are not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. Options start with a product line of “base boats” that range in size from 23-foot center consoles all the way up to 85-foot Naval patrol boats, but it doesn’t end here. Each of our boats are built in collaboration with the customer to deliver what they need to handle the demands of their mission; be that law enforcement, search and rescue, fire-fighting, military patrols or private yacht tendering.
SW Barney White Road 8800, Bremerton 98312, United States

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