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Our (certified ice-)coatings are non-toxic, corrosion- and abrasion resistant and do no damage to any marine life in contrast to classic anti-fouling coatings. Also, once the ship is coated, it’ll never have to be re-coated. Cleaning the hull will only make it smoother and thus, more fuel efficient. The cleaning can happen under water (everywhere, even in ports) or using high pressure water cleaning during dry-docking.

Application and repair is quick, easy and efficient with only two homogeneous layers with an overcoat-time of only three hours.

And with 10 year warranty on an approved hull application. Shipowners can rest easy for a long time.

We have developed different coatings for different purposes:

Ecospeed: Ship hulls, Scrubber outlets, Cargo holds, Piping, ...
Ecoshield: Rudders, Thruster and other running-gear
Ecolock: Static offshore units (up to 25 years warranty)
Ecofix: Filler product that fixes cavitation damages without the need of repair welding
Ecolast: Ecolock + UV-resistance
Haven 29, Antwerp, Antwerp 2030, Belgium

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