Business Listing

PortJoin Business Listing laat een overzicht zien van de belangrijkste informatie voor uw klanten, heeft extra contact optie's, makkelijk om contact te vinden, uw project te promoten en deel uw bedrijfs nieuws.

PortJoin Business Listing overview

PortJoin Business Listing offers one page overview of the important information for your customers, additional contact options, easy to find the contact details of persons/departments, promote your projects and share your business news.

PortJoin is continues optimizing the listing to increase findability, as company owner you don’t have to worry!

The Basic listing is showing:

  • Companyname
  • Address details (Can be limited to City/Country only)
  • Cover Image + Verified label
  • Business Details
  • Picture
  • Additional Contact details
  • Contact Business Button
  • Request Quote link
  • Users can bookmark your company and share on social media
Example: PortJoin Basic Listing

Easy to update

Your business lisitng is easy to update and share the latest information. No IT knowledge is required or costly change of your own website. If you have any questions, most information is available in our Knowledge Center or you contact us.

PortJoin Support SetUp can take care of the setup of your listing or PortJoin Support Maintain to keep your listing up to date.
PortJoin Support offers personal support and contact! 

Read more about Portjoin Support
PortJoin Dashboard

Overview of use

Our Dashboard will give you overview of the most important statistics. The Dashboard is the area where you can perform all the adminstrative tasks, like editting your listing, upgrading your package and much more.

Upgrade for extra options

Our Advanced and Pro package offer much more options and will increase the findability of your listing.

If you open your listing on our Dashboard, use the Upgrade package option and all will be ready in a view clicks.